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Hillbrook Baseball is the eastside Spartanburg Community Baseball League.  For decades this has been the primary league for Spartanburg District 7 players ages 5 through 12.  

Most of the games during the season will be played against division opponents, meaning a majority of the games will be at the Hillbrook fields.  There may be a few games against teams outside of Hillbrook for the 10U and 12U teams.

The talent level is increasing year-by-year thanks to the involvement of Coach Wesley Brown - Head Coach of the Spartanburg Vikings varsity baseball team. He and his players are actively involved in the development of baseball players in the Hillbrook community. 

The Hillbrook Baseball League is a community program for children of all ability levels that develops young peoples’ baseball skills and fosters a love for the game in a fun, positive, and inclusive environment. It is made possible by parent volunteers.  Each team consists of approximately 12 players (depending on age division) and 2 –3 volunteer coaches. If you do not feel moved to become a coach, assistant coach, or team parent, it is our profound hope that you volunteer your time in whatever way you find meaningful over the course of the season.  Your child’s team relies on the support of ALL parents/guardians to properly run drills and games.   Adult caregivers providing their time in service of the league will ensure an enriching experience for all participants.  Remember: The Hillbrook Baseball League is your community baseball league!

Our premier season is in the spring when we feature 4 divisions: 6U, 8U, 10U, and 12U. The season generally runs March through mid-May. The teams play one or two games per week and add practices as needed. 

Hillbrook also offers a "fall ball" experience where our teams are matched up against other teams from across the county. The fall ball season is September and October.