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Spring sign ups will begin on the first Monday of the year. You can sign up online at Registration will close the first Monday of February.

Fall sign ups will begin on the Monday after the 4th of July. Registration will close the 2nd Monday of August. A spot on a team cannot be guaranteed for the fall. This all depends on if there is a coach for that particular age group and how many players sign up. For example, if 15 kids sign up, then we can only have one team and 15 is too many. We will go back to order of registration to determine who plays on the team. If there are multiple teams in an age group, we will do a blind draft.
Cost per player is $115. You will pay when your register

Player Draft

The player draft will be the first or second Sunday of February. Each age group will have a blind draft once registration is closed. Players are divided up by age, ability, and experience with the exception of 6u. 6u is only divided by age. Coaches pick numbers out of a hat and each player is given a number. Coaches do not know who they are selecting. Coaches’ children are excluded from the draft and placed on their team. They simply do not draft a player during their child’s round. If you have questions, please ask your coach.

Spring and Fall Seasons

Spring practices will begin the middle of February. Games will begin the middle of March and end in the middle of May. Some leagues may have a tournament the week following the season.

Fall practices begin in the middle of August. Games will begin in early September and finish by the end of October.


Each team will have a head and assistant coach. Coaches are usually parents of a player and their children will play on the team.


Each coach will select practice times at the draft. Each team will choose a weekday and weekend practice. Once games begin, the weekday practice will be dropped.


Hillbrook Baseball will provide: jersey, hat, and belt. Each coach will distribute these to players. Each coach will select team name/color and practice time and location.

Age Groups

Age groups are determined by whatever age your player is on April 30th. If your child is 6 years old on April 30th then they will play 6u. Fall age groups are determined by whatever age group they will be playing the following Spring.

6U Division

  • Games are played at Hillbrook (small field) and Eastway Park
  • Games will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays at 5:30 and will last 1 hour. Some weeks will have 2 games and some just 1.
  • Suggested glove size is between 10”-11.5”
  • Suggested bat size is 24-26 inches long and 14-16 ounces. We allow USSSA 1.15 bats
  • Coach will pitch to players from about 20 feet and players will have 5 pitches to attempt to hit

8U Division

  • Games are played at Hillbrook (small field) and Eastway Park
  • Games will be played on Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays at 6:30 and games last 1.5 hours. Some weeks will have 2 games and some just 1 game.
  • Pitching machine is used for all batters

10U and 12U Divisions

  • Games are played at Hillbrook (big field) and other fields in Spartanburg County
  • Games are scheduled with other county organizations and you will have 2 games some weeks and some weeks only 1.
  • Players will pitch
  • 10U Bases: 60'
  • 12U Bases: 70'

All Star Teams

All star teams are selected many times after the spring season and games will be played in June against other Youth Associations. If there is a coach and an assistant coach willing to lead, the coaches from the spring season will select a team. Our intent is to select the best players to represent Hillbrook and to invite a player from each team in our Spring season.


We will play all games and practice at the following fields: